Travel | July 7, 2016 9:00 am

This Is How Your Life Ends: Not With a Bang, but With a GoPro

Jacob Childs' harrowing rescue actually has a happy ending

Night is falling. You’re stranded, in the middle of the ocean, far from shore.

You can only hope you’d show the same sang-froid as Jacob Childs, the Aussie scuba diver rescued from the waters off Bundaberg, 200 miles north of Brisbane after six harrowing hours lost at sea.

Childs became separated from a group of divers after exploring the Althea Wreck — and floated in his wetsuit until after sunset, by which time he had recorded what he believed was his final moments.

His final thoughts for posterity: “That’s a wrap on old Jakey.”

Childs was subsequently spotted by a helicopter search crew and ultimately saved.

The dude plans to return to diving “probably tomorrow”: “I just wanted a drink of water and a cup of tea.”

Exemplary fella, that Jakey. We’re glad he’s  safe.

Image via: Facebook