By Diane Rommel / August 21, 2017 9:00 am

These ticket prices are bananas. 

Rarer than a solar eclipse. 

We’re talking under $200 round-trip to Europe

It’s not so rare that we’ll see cheap fares to Europe — but those same carriers usually getcha on the way back. There’s an easy solution to pricier fares on the way back: fly on points, or just … stay in Europe. But it’s a bit of tricky pricing that veteran fare-spotters know to keep an eye on. Especially with a brand like Norwegian, which has built its transatlantic business on this practice.

That’s not an issue with this fresh, cheap fare from the carrier. If you’re looking at a European trip, you can’t miss it: under $200 round-trip to Edinburgh, Dublin, Bergen, Cork or Shannon from a handful of East Coast cities: Newburgh, Hartford or Providence. 

Our pick among the options? Edinburgh, which is perhaps — arguably — the best bet for temperate fall temperatures, though rainy weather is a possibility with any of these destinations. You’ll be looking at travel dates from September through March 2018.  We’re guessing tickets will be sparse heading to Edinburgh around Hogmanay, though it’s worth looking into. 

Unsurprisingly, seats are going fast — so if you’re considering the trip, move now. Just plan on traveling light (extremely light), since you’ll be charged for basically any bag you bring to the airport. And if you’re not into dealing with Norwegian’s extra fees, rest assured that the downward pressure they’re applying on fares is lowering costs for travelers across the board — which is why we’ve also seen intermittent cheap fares from major carriers. For now, the news is good.

But enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t