JetSuiteX Has a (Realistic!) Plan to Bring Private Jets to the Masses

With major airlines seemingly hellbent on pissing off those of us who fly economy, everyone and their mother’s dog is trying to make private air travel a more reasonable (read: affordable) prospect for the masses.

And JetSuiteX just might succeed in doing just that.

The first step of their plan is pretty simple: scoop up what the big guys left behind, the Embraer E135s. These planes are lying dormant all over the nation, having been left behind by boss hogs like United Express and Delta Connection. Those companies opted for larger 37-seat planes, leaving these 30-seaters to become dust in the wind. So JetSuiteX is stocking up. Though they currently own just five jets, the company has an order for 10 more, and a five-year plan to gather an additional 100.

Now, this particular plane matters for one major reason (beyond availability): a 30-seat (or under) plane can fly more routes and quicker flight times at almost all hours of the day than commercial airlines. That means getting more places faster … and with less regulation. There’s no TSA screening required. So you can kiss that fun morning frisk goodbye and arrive just 15 minutes before you have to board.

Right now, the line is limited to just two airports in Cali: Burbank and Concord. But as they grow in stock, they’ll grow in locations as well. And with more availability comes a lower cost to the consumer. It’s not private, of course. Though they market it as such. It’s more a first-class experience with free wifi and booze.

Where do we sign up?