Travel | April 12, 2017 9:00 am

JetBlue Is Giving Away Free Flights to Make Tax Day Suck Less

Owe Uncle Sam? Here's how to skip town when he comes knocking.

Good news for taxpayers and liars. 

JetBlue feels our Tax Day pain. If you owe money on your 2016 taxes — due, of course, on Tuesday — you’ll eligible for a free trip.

Well, half a trip: It’s just a one-way flight, which seems awfully cheap, no? A one-way fare back from anywhere is expensive!) 

Here’s another caveat: All you need to do to substantiate the fact that you’ll owe taxes this year is tick a box — and in fact, the airline says: “[JetBlue] will not, and is under no obligation, to determine the veracity of representations made by entrants.” So: If you’re not lying on your taxes, you can at least lie on your flight entry.

Note: We do not endorse that.

Asterisk: You can enter every day between now and the end of the “promotion period” — April 25.  Which, if we’re honest, seems like kind of a lot of work for a one-way flight. 

Of course, everyone hates airlines so much this week that basically all they have to do is not injure anyone to consider it a win. 

In which case: Great work!