Our Favorite Airline Is Having a Flash Sale. Tickets Start at $34.

Election got you down? Can’t sleep? Literally want to close the door and not open it until next Wednesday? 

At this point, we’d be happy to escape into a very deep cave system. Or an extensive network of tunnels. Anywhere without CNN, really.

JetBlue has a better idea, in the form of its “elect a vacation” flash sale

This includes sub-$100 one-way fares between Long Beach and Tahoe ($39), DC and Charleston ($44), and Chicago and Fort Lauderdale ($39). 

And those planning to leave the country on November 9th will be happy to know that included in the sale are tickets to the Bahamas and Aruba (for a terrific $49 and $59 from Fort Lauderdale, respectively), or $64 flights between New York and Bermuda. 

We’re sure it’ll all be fine, though.

(Insert existential dread emoji here.)