Travel | August 9, 2016 9:00 am

JetBlue Just Announced a $39 Fare, Among Other Fall Travel Deals

It's almost more expensive to stay home

It was only last week that we reported the cheapest day of the year to travel

Now, JetBlue’s launching a fall sale promotion that kicks off on that very day: August 23. 

While the Muggles head back to work, the airline is betting that the remaining jetsetters will want to book some last-minute, last-gasp summer travel. Fall, too.

The fine print? 

No travel Friday or Saturday. And forget about Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day, and 11/10–11/14 from New York airports. (Maybe someone can clue us in as to the significance of those particular dates.) 

Otherwise? You’re looking at some impressive bargains, like New York to Bermuda for $59 each way.  

Other routes worth considering: New York to Savannah ($79), Long Beach to Vegas ($64), or the vacation-centric St. Thomas to San Juan ($79).

To cash in on the lowest, $39 fares, you’ll need to be in California — look at Long Beach to Oakland or San Francisco. 

And happy travels.