Travel | August 5, 2016 9:00 am

Desert Oasis Seeks Residents, Definitely Isn’t a Cult

Or an M. Night Shyalamadingdong movie. Promise.

Don’t look if you’re not going to book. 

Because these camping pods — and the community they create, all designed by artist and designer Andrea Zittel — are irresistible. 

They’re part of the Wagon Station Encampment at Joshua Tree, a privately run quasi-residency open to creative-minded souls during the temperate seasons (fall and spring). Hiking, reading, journaling, coffee making — all are on the docket, as seen in the video below. 

There are 12 pods, which each sleep one; non-sleeping, communal services are available in a shared dining space. Other needs are addressed with open air showers and composting toilets.

The price? It’s recently gone up — from 0 to $100 a week. Entry is by application only; it’s too late to apply for the fall session, but keep an eye out for the opening of applications for the spring.