Travel | February 29, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s What Happens When You Teach an Animator How to Architect

Mexico’s new Krazyhomes are winning Airbnb right now

By The Editors

Dr. Seussian architect Antoni Gaudí worked at scale: he is best known for designing a 42-acre public park and a still-unfinished cathedral that has been under construction since 1882.

But had he been a man who made quaint single-family cottages, we now have an idea of what the results might’ve looked like.

They’re way trippy, they’re in Mexico and they’re on Airbnb.

The brainchildren of special effects and 3-D animation designer Steven Rude, the Casa Dr. Seuss and Artista Gaudi Casa 1 and Casa 2 were built from rebar, wire mesh and cement after being sketched out on a computer program.

The aptly nicknamed ”Krazyhomes” differ in what they offer — ATVs, jacuzzis, an imitation alien dinosaur bone terrace: you know, the usual — but all are supposed to inspire creativity, and all are available for rent for just $99.

Rude, who worked on two of the Harry Potter films and taught design in China and India for years, said creating the “crazy organic design(s)” was “truly a magical experience.” He added: “Designing a home is pure fantasy. Enjoy it, have fun with it. Later into the project, you can figure out the practical stuff and how to cement it in reality.”

They also come with something that Gaudí overlooked: free WiFi and Netflix.