Here’s How to Handle a Crash Landing, Because You Never Know

Waiting for disembarking passengers to get their luggage out of the overhead compartments is bad enough. Waiting for them to do it seconds before your plane explodes — that is a real problem. If you don’t think this could possibly be a thing, we suggest reviewing images from this week’s crash landing of an Emirates plane coming into Dubai from Kerala

You’d think as a species we might have evolved to the point where a weekend’s worth of clothing would be less interesting to us than actually escaping a soon-to-be-burning plane. Fact: In stressful situations, our animal brains revert to what we know — and what we know is that when we get off a plane, we get our luggage. 

All this is a good reminder that it’s valuable to review a few safety procedures specific to crash landings. The Points Guy has them. They begin with “Pay attention to safety announcements,” and conclude with our personal favorite: “Leave everything else [but your passport] behind”. All are worth perusing before your next trip to the stars.