Travel | August 31, 2016 9:00 am

The Four Seasons Vail Is Now Doing Bourbon Massages

Huh. So that's what happens to booze when you make pot legal.

Do you find the smell of bourbon relaxing? 

Even if it’s being lathered into your chest? 

Fancy hotel spas are forever looking to improve on their menu with ever-more-marketable preparations. The quality of a massage or treatment is uniquely related to the skills of the therapist performing it, but hotels can’t sell that.

What they can sell? A name.

A name like Bourbon Massage. 

The Vail Four Seasons now offers a FarmHouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler body-scrub treatment for men (“an intoxicating blend of brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey”). Also: a 50-minute, $95 “From Boots to Booze Men’s Pedicure” and a $250 “Bourbon Cowboy” body treatment (“relaxation like never before while you unwind in a hot bath with the afterglow of a refreshing agave nectar massage”). 

Maybe you prefer to drink your drinks. 

Maybe you prefer to unwind in a hot bath made from them. 

Let us know how that goes.