Sweden Is Building a Floating Hotel That Will Freeze Over in Winter

Book your tickets for northern Sweden, stat. 

This winter, developers expect to open a new, floating hotel.

Floating hotels? Wouldn’t be the first. Cruise ships, for one thing, are sort of floating hotels. (Especially when they’re created by Ritz-Carlton.) 

This one, though, takes floating to a new level. During the summer, the hotel’s six rooms float atop the Lule River, in the country’s Arctic north. Come winter, though, those components will freeze into place on the river’s surface, creating a one-of-a-kind, temporarily permanent installation in the middle of a frozen landscape. 

If you’re looking for a place to see the Northern Lights this year — or, even better, a place that’ll be so spectacular you won’t even mind if the Northern Lights are slightly disappointing — you’ll do no better. Once joined up, the six rooms will create an open space in the middle that’s made for ice-bathing at a crisp four degrees Celsius (that’s about 40 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The property’s still being developed. We recommend sending an inquiry to the tour outfitter behind the project to express your interest.