Enjoy the Beauty of Europe From Your Own Private Yacht

If the idea of taking a yacht out on holiday into the Mediterranean — breakfast in Delos, lunch in Mykonos, dinner in Santorini — piques your curiosity, you are not alone.

So, too, the fellas at Tubbber, basically BoatBound for Europe … BoatBound being the boat rental system that works like a nautical Airbnb. In other words: You don your best sunnies and rent yachts and boats directly from owners.

Launched just last month, Tubbber boasts a roster of more than 600 boats and has more trickling in with each passing day, awkward name be damned.

Want to take a decadent dinghy for a spin while you’re abroad? Here are a few good options.

Amsterdam Partyboat
For about $850 a day, you and 15 friends can partake in some offshore activities while motoring around off the coast of the Netherlands. You may want to load up on party favors beforehand.

Croatia Cruiser
With enough room for eight and sleeping accommodations for six, bedtime may require a little bit of math. That’s well worth the price of admission for this 37-foot monohull yacht.

Spanish Sailing Yacht
This 81-foot boat runs north of $5k a day, but it comes equipped with a skipper and it’s available to cruise to Scotland, France, the Scilly Isles, the Channel Islands and the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.

Southampton Schooner
Set sail on the Soiree and head for the Isle of Wight or go explore Portsmouth, the Beaulieu River or the Cornish Coast. Each $475-per-day rental includes a free bottle of wine.  Win, win.

Greek Freak
Billed as the “fastest and best looking charter sailing boat on the market,” this 45-foot catamaran can comfortably cruise at more than 20 knots and features cabins in both of its carbon hulls. Since the boat, which is designed to let passengers enjoy Greece’s impeccable weather, is so fast, a skipper is required.