Elon Musk Will Take Your Loved Ones’ Remains to Space

Thanks to a team of folks who are as experienced with funeral procession as they are NASA missions, you now have the option to make the final frontier your final resting place.

As part of a new partnership with Elon Musk’s SpaceX outfit, Elysium Space will be putting a “memorial spacecraft” on an upcoming launch of a Falcon 9 rocket sometime in the next year. Along with payloads from the clients who fork over enough dough to man the flight, the Falcon 9’s “dedicated rideshare” launch will carry an Elysium satellite containing the cremated remains of up to 300 deceased customers. Once it’s deployed in a “Sun-synchronous orbit,” the satellite — which can be tracked via an app — will remain in space for two years before returning into the atmosphere as a shooting star.

“We are honored to assist families in achieving their dreams, riding on one of the greatest rocket in the world,” said Elysium Space CEO Thomas Civeit. “This historic launch provides the perfect conditions to make this memorial spaceflight a meaningful experience for all participants.”

About 100 spots are booked, but some of the $2,490 slots on the Elysium Star II mission are still open.

Beam someone up, Scotty. (He did.)