Travel | April 3, 2017 9:00 am

Would You Sleep in a Hotel Room Suspended From a Crane 150 Feet in the Sky?

Don't be alarmed when it shakes in the wind.

We’ve heard of hotels in LEGOs, in airports, or even actually underwater

Never, though, in the middle of the sky — until now. 

This is the Faralda Crane Hotel, with three suites suspended 150 feet in the air. It’s an unexpected return-to-service for a crane in Amsterdam’s NDSM facility, a former shipyard and wharf in the city’s increasingly trendy Noord neighborhood. Book a room at the Faralda and you’ll be steps away from buzzy restaurants like Pllek and Bistro Noord.

That’s if, of course, you ever feel like coming down to ground level — which you may not, given the amenities available with the hotel’s five-star suites, dubbed Secret, Mystique and Free Spirit, available at around $450 per night. (The suites’ privacy is much-mentioned in their promotional materials — and the offer of a bodyguard is made twice.) Since they’re positioned on a crane, each room will move with the wind, so that the view constantly shifts. Book all three rooms and you’ll also have run of a broadcasting studio 30 feet off the ground, as well as access to a hot tub at the crane’s top.

If that’s not enough, you can bungee jump from the summit. It’ll cost you €85 — but we’re betting it’s faster than waiting for the elevator.