The Japanese and Finns Opened a Hotel Together, So You Know It’s Chill

C Do-C, Ebisu is one of many capsule-style hotels in Tokyo, where each guest sleeps in their own sound-proof chamber within a larger, vaulted room.

But C Do-C has one major difference: it’s also styled after a Finnish spa, meaning it combines hot and cold treatments geared towards shocking the body into a restful and ultimately rejuvenated state.

hotel (3 images)

Your stay is for nine hours. You check in, dump your gear in a locker and then hit the spa for a sauna, then a cold bath and then back to the heat. After that, you retire to a soft mattress in one of the capsules stacked honeycomb-style along the room’s border.

Seven hours later, you awaken refreshed and ready to take on the day with the calm and focus of a samurai.

C Do-C was designed by Schemata Architects, and the wood and plastic finishes — which won’t warp or degrade thanks to special coatings — show how both of the joint’s mother cultures really prize natural minimalism.

Just saying. Sleep on it.