Travel | April 14, 2017 9:00 am

Boycotting United? This New Tool Will Keep You Honest.

Wanna book a United flight? Tough sh*t. They've disappeared.

If you’ve been online this week — well, have a drink. You deserve it. 

Among the rolling s***stream of current events was, of course, the violent expulsion of Kentucky physician David Dao from a not-overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville. United needed to reposition its staff from Chicago to Louisville, and the best solution it came up with will likely cost them big, in multiple currencies: dollars (law$uit!), renminbi (turns out people don’t like seeing people who look like them beaten up) and general goodwill. 

Maybe you think Dao should have moved when asked. Maybe you think that a hotel manager should have the right to kick you out of your room if he needs somewhere to let his assistant manager take a nap. Or maybe you think some corporations aren’t treating their passengers very well. If you’re serious about boycotting United — and hey, we’ve been boycotting them for years, because their service sucks — may we suggest this Chrome extension. It’ll block United flights from your search results. Trust: The reigning belief of the airline industry is that nothing matters but price. (See also: Spirit, Ryanair.) If you’d like to guard against the temptations of a slightly lower fare — and we get it; everybody wants to save money — install this. And forget them.