Travel | October 19, 2016 9:00 am

Book Your 2017 Travel Now: It’s $99 to Iceland

Good God, what are you waiting for?

Iceland. Hunk of volcanic rock in the middle of the North Atlantic. 

Home of: Northern Lights, puffins, volcanoes, beer, and a terrific movie called Rams

That footage, by the way, is from Reykjavik, just a few weeks ago. If you think that’s amazing, wait till you get under the dark skies of the countryside. 

WOW Airlines is here to make that happen. 

Once again, the Transatlantic budget airline is offering $99 one-way fares between the Icelandic capital and a host of North American cities. 

Add a few more bucks if you’re flying from the West Coast (San Francisco or L.A.) — or want to travel onward to the European capitals WOW serves — including Amsterdam, Paris and London. 

Get in there now if you’re considering it — the lowest-priced flights disappear fast. 

We flew WOW and found it unremarkable — which, honestly, is fine when we’re paying that price. After a close perusal, we found $99 fares available not just in the dead of winter but as late as April. It’s still cold but — hey, it’s Iceland. It’s always cold. If you’re down for the whole Northern Lights thing, think January or February, and bring the fanciest, heaviest coat you can afford. 

Just don’t plan on checking a bag, or those savings start to diminish.