Here Is the Tallest Bonfire Ever Built, in All Its Blazing Glory

Scandinavians know from summer.

And who can blame them? You’d be partying too if the sun were out at midnight after surviving a near-Arctic winter that involves entire days of total darkness.

But among all the bergs and municipalities that went buck wild for the annual summer solstice festival this past weekend, the town of Ålesund, Norway (population: 45,000), took the cake — by building a 155-and-a-half foot bonfire that raged all night long.

The fire, which was built on an artificial island visible just footsteps from the coastal town’s shoreline, consumed more than 30,000 pieces of wood and set a new world record for the tallest fire ever built.

Guess some people just want to watch to world burn.

And you can count us among them.