Travel | March 6, 2017 9:00 am

This Vacation House Is Isolated in Its Own Lagoon

You can't have a case of the Mondays if Mondays can't find you

It can be hard to please everyone when choosing a vacation destination. Some people want to go full Bear Grylls while their family may prefer to interact with nature from the comfy, bug-free side of a giant pane of glass. For those families, there’s Norfolk Broads, a network of man-made waterways near England’s east coast.

Located in the heart of that network alongside a secluded lagoon in the village of Wroxham stands a unique vacation property called the Backwater House, and it just opened its doors to vacationers this year.

Designed by Platform 5 Architects to simultaneously enhance and blend in with the surrounding wetlands, the Backwater House has four bedrooms and enough space to sleep eight guests.

Featuring a steeply-pitched timber-shingled roof, the Backwater House is a modern take on the traditional boat sheds found alongside the waterways surrounding the property.

Surrounded by water on three sides, the Backwater has an outdoor lounge area, top-grade kitchen, gas grill, underfloor heating, 50-inch TV and a multi-room Sonos sound system.

Backwater House (7 images)

“Designing a new building for the plot provided the opportunity to enhance the setting by establishing a stylish counterpoint to more traditionally designed neighboring houses, while respecting the peaceful location,” architects from Platform 5 told Dezeen.

Available for four, seven and 11-night stays, the Backwater rents for around $500 per night.

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