Your Private Jet Lands Here

If you’re looking for wellness and have a spare $55,000, Aman has just the (private jet) ticket. 

This is Aman Private Jet Wellness Journeys, two two-week sessions coming up later this year, combining yoga and other healthy-mind-healthy-body practices — like Ayurveda, Pilates, and “access to wellness gurus” — with stays at Aman’s industry-leading hotels. The first session, from September 18 to October 3, will travel through Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam with stops at five different Aman properties. The second, in November, will shift to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. 

If you’re not familiar with Aman hotels, you’re missing out. The Singapore-based resort chain has two Rocky Mountain locations: Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, and Amangani in Jackson Hole. (The hotel is happy to arrange charter flights between the two locations.) It’s better known closer to its home, with three locations in Bali and 18 others across Asia. If discreet, ultra-luxury is your thing, Aman’s where you want to be. 

$55,000 is a lot, even for a brand like this, which cultivates a top-end reputation — we’re surprised, in fact, that they’re offering an off-the-rack experience at such a high price point. Something tells us, though, that they’ll be up for accommodating any adjustments to the program you’re keen to make: Isn’t that the power of money?