All the Treehouses and Private Islands on Airbnb Are on Sale

Superman had a Fortress of Solitude.

Batman had a Batcave.

Your correspondent had, uh, a treehouse. But it was a pretty sweet treehouse, and one that has left him generally pro-treehouse, as far as escapist structures go.

Which means he is also generally pro-Airbnb’s newest stunt, the aptly named “Live somewhere you love” campaign. The company is offering a discount of about $150 off all rentals of treehouses and private islands for a limited time. No, that is not a typo.

That means that rentals like the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in Mexico and the Isla Macías Retreat in Chile are ready to rent on the cheap.

If you’re thinking that this is naught but savvy marketing, you’re right. But it’s also well-informed. An analysis of the properties that millions of Airbnb guests have added to their wish lists since the company was founded in 2008 revealed that “the adventure of an outdoor treehouse is by far the most popular type of property,” with the most coveted one of all being the Secluded Intown Treehouse in Atlanta.

(In case you were wondering, igloos, vans, lighthouses, caves, islands, yurts, trains, lofts and cabins follow treehouses on “Wish Listed Property Types” list.)

Fire up your browser. You have until March 9 to book with the discount.

Happy hunting.