Here’s Exactly How Much Your Apartment Is Worth on Airbnb

If you don’t already list your home on Airbnb — or any of the other short-term rental sites that have become de rigueur in recent years — you’ve at least wondered, “I wonder how much money I could be making by doing so?”

Well, here’s your answer.

Plug in your address, and the data-rich search stylings of Eliot and Me’s new Airbnb calculator will tell you how much money you could charge by subletting your spot on a homeshar site.

Now: Don’t get me wrong. Having dated an Airbnb host, I have zero illusions about the experience. Let’s consider, for a moment, the guest who commandeered the kitchen at three A.M. for a fry-up of sausage and onions. Or the one who left behind the puke-encrusted towels. Or even the nice, normal ones whose delayed flights or early checkins meant that a part-time side hustle turned into a full-time aggravation. It’s not for everybody. 

But it is a way to earn extra cash, and this can give you some solid numbers to consider. More interesting: it can pinpoint the most in-demand periods of the year to allow for some very targeted availability. New Yorkers: consider letting a space during the upcoming U.S. Open, when visitor rolls will climb 13.5%, or Labor Day weekend, when they’ll go up 17%. San Franciscans, consider early November, when Dreamforce will mean a 24% rise in searches. 

If you’re gonna do it, might as well do it right. This could help.