Travel | December 16, 2016 9:00 am

Airbnb Has Nothing on These Up-for-Grabs Exclusive Vacation Rentals

Whale-watching from the deck? We're there.

Ever browse through a collection of Airbnb rentals and say to yourself: “Well, that’s fine, but what I really wish was that they were 100% fancier and 500% more expensive”? You may have found your wish in Le Collectionist, a new portfolio of luxury vacation rentals. 

First, some crucial differences. Not just any ol’ lodging is eligible: Don’t bother submitting your basement studio for review. Unlike One Fine Stay (acquired by Accor), properties are all in vacation spots rather than urban centers: There’s exactly one property in London, while you’ll have your pick of 71 spots in Ibiza. And you’ll generally do much better in Europe (with over 1,400 spots) versus the U.S., which, supposedly, has eight rentals: two in Miami and the rest in California. 

They do not come cheap. One of those two Miami properties, for instance, will run about $1,400 a night, and it’s not exactly oceanfront. The good news: Many of the properties are meant for very large parties, so do the math before passing by a good-looking place. 

Below, a bullet-point list of five properties worth checking out. 

1. Villa Pyrrhus: Five bedrooms on Mykonos, above a pool to die for. Around $1,900 a night and up. 

2. Chalet Ornelia: Fit 20 of your closest friends into Megève, a chief destination in the French Alps. Around $1,250 a night and up. 

3. Villa Natalia: There are plenty of high-end hotels on Turks & Caicos, but you run the risk of running into a Real Housewife. This 3BR with pool is better. Price on request.

4. Villa Antonella: Take in the Med views from this 6BR with pool walking distance from the beach. About $4,000 a night and up.

5. Villa Blue Cactus: This actually qualifies for budget on St. Barts — so round up a dozen of your friends and get there in time for deckside whale sightings in early February.