Travel | September 23, 2016 9:00 am

The Four Seasons $45k/Night Private Island Will See You Now

The 62-foot yacht in the harbor? Also yours.

How much would you pay for a night on your own private island? 


What if the island in question was a five-acre atoll in the Maldives, with seven bedrooms, your own expansive central hub (the Beach House, featuring a living room, dining room, gym, library, and lounge), not a single person you didn’t invite, and the hotel’s promise of “no paparazzi”?

That’s what’s on offer at the Four Seasons’ brand-new private island offering at Voavah, trumpeted in a press release as “the first private island in the company’s portfolio and the world’s only exclusive-use UNESCO hideaway located in a World Biosphere Reserve.”

It’s an up-market offering even from Four Seasons, whose bread-and-butter market is one-percenters with a good job. Until now, though, that job has been more “corporate lawyer” than “internationally acclaimed recording artist”: $45K a night is a lot.

On the other hand, your $45,000 does get you a good deal of stuff — if not, perhaps, a good deal in itself. That rate rents the entire island — and the island comes with seven bedrooms. Four Seasons caps the total number of guests at 22, which comes out to around $2,000 a night a person. That qualifies as a lot by some metrics, a lifetime wage by others and … no big deal by others still, on par with offerings from luxury brands like Aman, &Beyond or Singita

Did we mention the 62-foot yacht? That’s all yours for your stay, too. 

Take a look at the photos below and start counting up your friends with deep pockets. Stop when you get to 21, and make the res.