TV | November 9, 2017 11:17 am

Check Out the Unsettling Trailer for Netflix’s New German Thriller

You can binge the entire thing starting December 1.

'Dark' official trailer screengrab. (YouTube/Netflix)
'Dark' official trailer screengrab. (YouTube/Netflix)

If you already miss Stranger Things, Netflix has a new chilling and creepy original series to sate your appetite. Dark, the company’s dramatic new time-bending drama series, is set in present-day in the German small town of Winden where two children go missing.

As Deadline notes, the disappearance exposes fractured relationships within four separate families in the town, before taking a supernatural twist that links back to the town in 1986. The series’ official art offers a mysterious clue to solving the mystery: “The Question is not where. But when.” Take a look at the official art below, and check out the newly release trailer above.