TV | September 20, 2017 2:37 pm

Watch the Intense, New Trailer for ‘The Punisher’

Latest Netflix and Marvel collaboration promises to be heavy on gunfire, conspiracies, and revenge.

The next big Netflix and Marvel collaboration, The Punisher, is coming to the small screen and a full trailer just dropped for the new show, starring Jon Bernthal as the anti-hero, writes The Verge

Bernthal as Frank Castle takes a “tough-on-crime” approach to New York City’s underworld after he discovers a conspiracy. Because of this, he is pursued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. The Verge writes that he will also be joined by Microchip, an ally from the comics. The Punisher trailer is unlike the other Marvel shows because it digs into government conspiracies and hacking.

We met Castle during Daredevil, where he was trying to rid Hell’s Kitchen of gang activity. His origin story was already disclosed during that movie, but this new trailer makes it apparent that Castle is still dealing with the aftermath of his family’s death. The trailer depicts a no-holds-barred Castle wreaking havoc and revenge over blistering Metallica score.

There is no release date for the series yet, but it seems likely to arrive before the end of the year.