TV | October 27, 2017 8:34 am

James Corden on Things More ‘Fake’ Than the Media

What’s more fake than CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN? A lot of things, according to Corden.

Comedian James Corden on October 26, 2017. (YouTube/CBS)
Comedian James Corden on October 26, 2017. (YouTube/CBS)

After President Trump told Fox Business that he “really started this whole fake news thing,” late night comedian James Corden agreed — then gaped at a portion of the president’s interview when he asked rhetorically, “What could be more fake than CBS and NBC and ABC and CNN?”

Corden didn’t hold back when informing viewers just a few of the things “off the top of his head” he could think of that are more “fake” than the mainstream media. Take a look at the bit above.