TV | October 19, 2017 8:52 am

Howard Stern Says Harvey Weinstein Should ‘Wear a Burqa’

'First of all, when did this guy have time to make movies?'

Howard Stern on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (YouTube/ABC)
Howard Stern on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (YouTube/ABC)

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is taping his late night show from Brooklyn this week, and invited shock jock Howard Stern to join him Wednesday to discuss Stern’s own evolution and what the legendary radio host thinks about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Stern says that the media mogul, who has been accused by scores of women who say he sexually harassed and abused them, is “a freak.”

“Anybody hear of this guy Harvey Weinstein?” Stern asked the live audience. “It’s unbelievable. First of all, when did this guy have time to make movies?

He went on, saying: “All these guys who do sexual harassment, I mean, they’re freaks. This big, fat guy, what does he think?”

Noting that allegations against Weinstein describe him asking women to watch him shower, Stern said “no girl on the planet is going to get aroused” seeing Weinstein naked.

“If I was Harvey Weinstein, I’d wear a burqa and I’d say, listen, you don’t have to look at me.” Take a look at the clip above.