Tech | August 19, 2016 5:00 am

World’s Fastest Consumer Drone Maxes Out at 85 MPH

(Courtesy of Teal Drones)
George Matus and the Teal Drone (Courtesy of Teal)

If you want to build a fast drone, there are worse people to look to than a professional drone racer. George Matus was competing as a professional racer by age 16. Only 18 now, he pursued a fellowship offer from tech billionaire Peter Thiel and used the money to create his own company, Teal.

Its first product is a drone that a beginner can fly with an iPhone to shoot 4K video. That noted, it also stays true to Matus’ racing roots, as it can reach speeds of 85 miles per hour while it flips, dives, and performs barrel rolls. (Matus insists it handles in up to 40 mph winds.) Pre-orders are available for $1,299, and will arrive before Christmas 2016.

To read more about the Teal Drone, click here. To reserve one, click here. Watch a video of it in action below.