Sony’s New ‘Superception’ VR Combines the Perspectives of Four People


Sony just altered our reality with the introduction of a new type of VR technology that could redefine the limits of human perception.

Dubbed “Superception,” the virtual reality technique introduced this weekend at SXSW combines the perspectives of four different people into one headset. Still in its research phase, the concept explores using technology to augment sensory experiences beyond human limitations.

For now, Sony argues its multi-sensory VR experience can boost human empathy in virtual environments. But the company said in a press release that its “becoming capable of precisely controlling human inputs and outputs by applying sensing technologies and virtual reality.” Sony believes its “Superception” platform will eventually be the foundation of technology that taps into senses other than sight.

Engadget reporter Mona Lalwani tried out “Superception” at SXSW and felt nauseous, a common pitfall for VR. However, Lalwani said the concept was “less isolating” than a traditional VR experience once her brain tricked itself into incorporating the four perspectives after a few minutes.

The Sony demo involved a game of tag in a maze, which Lalwani described as “a chaotic but exciting interpersonal experience.”

See the breakthrough in action below.