Robotic Handyman, OutoBot, Can Wash Windows and Paint Skyscrapers
(Nanyang Technological University)
(Nanyang Technological University)


As if a high-rise window washer’s job wasn’t risky enough, they now have to worry about plummeting job security because of an innovation in robotics called the Outobot.

Equipped with a camera and spray nozzle, the OutoBot’s robotic arm can act as a power washer to clean windows or as a paint gun to give exteriors a fresh coat.

According to, the robotic handyman was built to make the job safer for workers and improve productivity in a country with a rapidly aging workforce. Normally a five-person job, OutoBot only needs two workers—an operator on the ground and another observing above for safety—to paint a building exterior.

“Using our new robot, we have shown that a labor-intensive job can be transformed into one that can be easily done by an older worker, and at the same time eliminating the risk of employees having to work at heights,” Dennis Lim told

OutoBot was designed by a team from ELID Technology International and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The team developed the robot in response to a call for proposals from Singapore’s Housing and Development Board.