Tech | June 12, 2016 7:00 am

Chris Anderson on the Day TED Might Have Died

TED's Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson, owner of TED (Bryn Colton/Getty Images)
TED's Chris Anderson
(Bryn Colton/Getty Images)

When Chris Anderson first took over as head curator at TED—the nonprofit organization that produces that highly entertaining series of talks—he had just weathered the collapse of a company he’d spent 15 years building. “I was terrified of another huge public failure,” Anderson admits in a first-person essay he wrote on business-networking site LinkedIn. He had but one chance to “persuade TED attendees that the conference could continue” under his leadership—in a sense, the most important TED talk ever given. Clearly, he succeeded, but what went into his pitch? Find out by reading his essay here.