Tech | November 9, 2017 11:08 am

Watch This AI Bot Destroy Email Scammers

NetSafe will mess with people who spam you so you don't have to.

Most people would agree that email scammers are the worst. They send out messages in bulk, hoping to get even just one response. Are you sick and tired of dealing with them? Well now you don’t have to. NetSafe, an online safety non-profit in New Zealand built Re:scam, which messes with scammers automatically.

According to Diggto start messing with scammers, you just need to forward any scam email to Re:scam can take on multiple personas and has real human tendencies, including humor and grammatical errors. It can also engage with multiple scammers all at once, so it can continue conversations for as long as possible. The goal of Re:scam is to waste the time of the scammers, reports Digg, but will not waste a second of yours. So next time you get one of those pesky scams in your inbox, just forward it along and go about your day.

See the video above to see how it works.