Style | May 19, 2015 9:00 am

This Is Your Campfire Gear

Warm. Natty. Comfy.

By The Editors

Look outside: weather’s nice.

Good time to step outside of your comfort zone.

But comfortably so.

Outfitting you thusly on all of summer’s great adventures: Western Rise, handsome and technical attire for the active outdoorsman, available now.

Born and bred in Colorado, Western Rise offers camping, fly fishing and hiking clothes infused with a hydrophobic tech called DryRise.

Meaning: this stuff repels water, wicks away sweat, keeps you odor-free and blocks UV rays.

Great for day and night.

And it still looks good by the campfire.

Highlights of their debut line:

Hartsel Henley: This is your hiking shirt. Features a mesh draining pocket, four-way stretch and flat seams.

The Bodie Button Down: A classic Western shirt, complete with pearl snaps, fly storage pocket and a shirttail hem that tucks in or out (“for ease of use with waders”).

The Bitter Creek Anorak: For cooler nights. With an adjustable hood and gusseted collar to block the wind.

Plus: a pop-over, mountain-climbing pants and quick-drying shorts.

Get comfortable.


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