Style | October 25, 2019 11:09 am

Deal: Uniqlo Fleece Jackets for Just $25

The company's been making fluffy fleeces for 25 years now, so we all get a discount

Deal: Uniqlo Fleece Jackets for Just $25

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Uniqlo released its first fleece way back in 1994, and to celebrate 25 years of fluffiness, the brand is now hosting a promotional sale on a couple of its beloved jackets. The Fleece Long-Sleeve Full-Zip and Fluffy Yarn Fleece, both usually $30, are currently $25.

It’s not a big discount, obviously, but it’s a fun nod to a bit of company history, and we’re huge fans of Uniqlo. As far as fast-fashion basics go, they’re clearly the leader in their space; we’ve been ranting about it for years. As for the fleeces, the Yarn Fleece is a loose, heavier cut, similar to a blanket. The Long-Sleeve is a more traditional fleece style, the kind you’d wear when raking leaves or tossing a football around.

Find both styles here. Thankfully, there are a ton of color options for each, and they’re good on sizing throughout.