Style | June 6, 2016 9:00 am

Behold: The Perfect Non-Iron Shirt

Twillory: Comfy shirts. Zero ironing.

Whither the non-iron shirt?

A long-ago promise of convenience that’s never come through on comfort.

Plus, if you dig into the shirt’s secret zero-iron formula, you’ll find something akin to … embalming fluid.

Uncomfortable on all levels.

Until now. Enter Twillory, a dapper menswear brand that’s just perfected an extremely soft, environmentally sound dress shirt.

All for about half the price.

The “war” over non-iron shirts centers on their convenience (crumple ‘em in a bag, they’re still good to go) versus their comfort level … or lack thereof.

In other words, people say they’re too stiff. Why? Because most non-iron tops utilize formaldehyde, which is rather toxic and environmentally unfriendly, as well as the main ingredient in embalming fluid.

Twillory is formaldehyde-free — they call their stuff SafeCotton. But their button-downs still fulfill the no-ironing promise while somehow remaining ridiculously soft. Yours truly would say, after a week of test-wearing, that Twillory might be the second comfiest dress shirt he’s ever worn (still give a slight nod to Trumaker).

They’re good-looking shirts, and we particularly like the tailored fit of their Sky Blue Window Pane. It’s two-ply cotton twill, has a spread collar, classic placket and comes with brushed nickel collar stays.

Feel-good bonus: with every Twillory shirt purchased comes a pre-paid mailer bag for you to send old dress shirts or business attire (gently worn) to donate to non-profit CareerGear.

And because Twillory is direct-to-market, their prices are about half of what you’d see elsewhere (a typical deal is 1 shirt for $99, 4 for $199).

But we’ve got an even better bargain: use the code “INSIDEHOOK” at checkout and you can get two SafeCotton shirts for $89.