Style | August 7, 2014 9:00 am

Brit Pack

By The Editors

Lennon and McCartney. Wallace and Gromit. Bangers and mash.

The Brits do collaborations well.

Here’s one more: Turnbull & Asser’s new fall travel case, made in collaboration with Globe-Trotter, available now for a very limited time.

Backstory first: T&A (heh) has been the master of the bespoke dress shirt since England was still considered a world power. Soooo … a long time. Globe-Trotter, meanwhile, has been around nearly as long, crafting dapper, made-to-order travel wares since 1887.

As for their new trolley case duet: smashing.

It handles rough: the exterior is vulcanized fibreboard, a 19th-century British invention that’s pliable like leather but more lightweight. On the trolley, the board’s cut and shaped with (no joke) a blunt-edge Victorian guillotine.

Inside, the 18” wheeled carry-on is lined with blue gingham, using the same two-fold, 120-count poplin fabric that makes up Turnbulls’s classic shirts.

Some final bits ‘n’ bobs: Leather all sourced from UK tanneries. Retractable wooden handle. And all put together in Turnbull’s factory in Hertfordshire, England.

It’s the dog bollocks, as the Brits say.

Which is apparently a good thing.