Style | February 28, 2020 12:47 pm

Todd Snyder Made the Perfect Summer Shirt

Get it before it's gone

Todd Snyder Made the Perfect Summer Shirt
Todd Snyder

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The camp collar shirt is the unsung hero of summer. Its relaxed, structureless and slightly retro fit lends itself to warm days and nights, ideal for barbecues or when you want to look presentable, but the heat makes it near impossible to put in any effort.

Although we have a ways to go until summer, we’ve already found the shirt of the season: Todd Snyder’s Limited Edition Domino Print Camp Collar Short Sleeve Shirt in Navy. The silhouette is Todd Snyder’s signature camp collar and features the quintessential small lapel and relaxed collar, which lays flat rather than stands.

For the print, the brand leaned into the vintage associations the shirt inspires (it reached the States by way of Cuba in the 1950s, and quickly amassed fans). The red, white and blue domino fabric is based off a mid-century pattern, lending it a Mad Men vibe.

If you’ve always wanted to get into the spirit of summer but never felt the Hawaiian shirt was your speed, Todd Snyder’s camp collar is the perfect happy medium.