Style | May 10, 2016 9:00 am

The Range: Unstructured Blazers

Seven blazers to keep you sharp and dry this summer

Because every man loves options, and some of us need those options laid out in front of us with a variety of styles and price points, we give you The Range: a meditation on one garment every man should own, served up seven ways.

The unstructured jacket is nothing more than the tailored jacket on vacation. Unlined and often done up in softer, more textured fabrics, it’s what a man reaches for when the occasion calls for sophisticated, broken-in comfort.

Ever seen a photo of an Italian gent wearing a three-piece suit in mid-July without so much as a single bead of sweat trailing down his brow? He was probably wearing one.

It’s best suited for hot and humid weather, when the exclusion of stiff padding and starchy lining is an utmost benefit. A good unstructured jacket is lightweight and comfortable: natural shoulders and shorter length, with just enough shape so it still resembles a tailored silhouette.

Below, seven of our favorites for the warmer months ahead. Wear them up and about on the weekends, or better yet, on vacation.
Hugh & Crye Seneca Jacket $165 | Montilay Summer Blazer $253 | Alex Mill Lightweight Blazer $335 | Apolis Civilian Travel Blazer $368 | SuitSupply Copenhagen Jacket $399 | Barena Cotton-Blend Blazer $505 | Boglioli Houndstooth Linen Blazer $995