By Mike Conklin / February 14, 2019

The Iconic Land’s End Squall Jacket is 30% Off

The Iconic Land’s End Squall Jacket is 30% Off

There’s been some chatter in certain corners of the internet about Land’s End’s quality taking something of a nosedive in recent years. And I can’t say I disagree: their Hyde Park oxford cloth button down (which I’m wearing right now) is still one of the best bargains in menswear, but it’s admittedly nowhere near as thick hearty as it used to be. Their chinos, too, seem to wear out much faster than they used to. 

One item, though, whose quality I’ve remained impressed by is the Classic Squall Jacket, which maintains much of its original charm despite a few modernizing design tweaks. It’s a bomber-length jacket perfect for the shoulder seasons, and it just oozes 80s northeastern charm. Like, if Vampire Weekend were a jacket, it very well might be this one.

As for those design tweaks: you’ll notice a thin, reflective stripe across the chest and back, and the addition of taped pockets like you’d find on more technical apparel. I’m not a huge fan of the updated pockets, but it’s far from a dealbreaker, especially with the 30% off promotion going on right now. I recommend yellow or red — no need to play it safe with this one. 

BUY HERE: $69.97