Style | December 23, 2019 11:35 am

Deal: Taylor Stitch's Most Iconic Jacket Is $40 Off

The SF brand never does deals. Make the most of it.

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket

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Huckberry’s clearance sale just went live, and it’s stuffed with great deals. These items won’t make it in time for Christmas, so don’t worry about gifting one of the discounted items for someone else; this is an end-of-year treat for you. Maybe you have some cash from a holiday bonus. It’s been a long year and you deserve a little something.

One of our favorite items in the sale is the Long Haul Jacket from Taylor Stitch, which is currently $38 off. Taylor Stitch pretty much never offers its wares for less, and this is the SF-based brand’s most iconic trucker, this time in a unique waffle weave. (Taylor Stitch often does one-offs of its garments, and this year built the Long Haul with a cotton herringbone fabric.) As always, the jacket features rounded pockets, brass detailing, and a map of San Francisco in the interior lining, which rules. Find it here, with all sizes still available.