Style | March 14, 2017 9:00 am

Do We Really Need an Undershirt Subscription Service?

A new company promises to solve a problem you may don't have

On a blustery day like today, let’s talk … undershirts.

You know, those ratty white tees you put under your dress shirts to hide sweat and stains … aaand occasionally use in lieu of an actual T-shirt (minus five style points). You need to replace these more often. And Stork seems to offer a solution: it’s an undershirt subscription service that’s been around for a bit, but just launched its gray line today.

Do you need a Subscribe & Save for undershirts? Let’s argue!


  • They are nicely made. Shorter sleeves for less bunching, long enough to stay tucked, and a narrower, non-boxy fit. No tag in the back.
  • To try the first one out is just $5, and a six-pack is only $50. You can tailor (ha!) your subscription to your needs — say, six new shirts every six months — and cancel anytime.
  • If your undershirts have yellow stains on the pits, you definitely need to be thinking about this more. Stork closes the loop.


  • Do you really need another subscription in your life?
  • Potentially wasteful if you forget about your subscription. Do you want to end up with 20+ some undershirts?
  • Not all of our dapper editors believe in the undershirt. “I don’t wear undershirts. I think the added layer makes me sweat more,” says one.
  • Our style editor is more blunt: “I do not endorse (wearing) undershirts.”

So, if you like the idea behind Stork, maybe get a six-pack and cancel right away.

OR, if you’re simply looking for a versatile T-shirt, elevate your style a bit. Personally, we like the perfect fit of Stantt and the flattering, masculine silhouettes of Buck Mason.

No need to cover those up.