Style | February 11, 2016 9:00 am

The One Little Thing Your Wardrobe Is Missing

Accessories dons Sprezzabox open their first online store

By The Editors

Sprezzatura is, by definition, the art of “studied carelessness.”

Think tousled hair. An asymmetrical bow tie. Showing up five minutes late to an interview (assuming you’re the one conducting it, of course).

It’s the ethos behind Sprezzabox, already curators of an excellent, fashion-forward accessory subscription service (think ties, lapel pins, socks, etc.) and now proud impresarios of their first full-service online store.

To help get you started, we asked creative director and best-dressed-man-in-most-rooms Danny Agnew to pick out a few statement pieces.

Vintage Grey Plaid Tie

Been seeing those bold plaid blazers around of late but don’t know if you’ve quite got the stones to pull one off yet? Test the waters by throwing this tie at an otherwise low-key getup.

Red/White/Blue Triple Stripe Socks

These socks, brown brogues, cuffed jeans and a white oxford shirt equals (according to our style director) “about the most idiot-proof cool getup I can think of.”

Green Meadow Pocket Square (Brooklyn)

Old Man Winter be damned — no one has ever gazed upon a jaunty floral pocket square and thought to himself “well I certainly don’t need THAT burst of joviality in my life.”

Anchor Tie Clip

Good enough for Popeye’s bulging forearms, good enough for your tie.

Specialty Lapel Flower

Seriously, just try one already. Who are you that your jacket can’t have a flower on it? Chuck Norris? Get over yourself. You might like it.