Style | October 27, 2016 9:00 am

If You’re Not Wearing a Shawl Collar Sweater You’re Doing Fall Wrong

It's like a blazer, but woolier

Any man determined to stay warm this season must consider the shawl collar sweater, both because there are very few styles more of-the-moment, and because who doesn’t want a sweater with a collar that can double as a scarf?

But shawl-line collars do more than just keep ya toasty.

That is, its effect on a man’s overall stature is hard to argue. For whatever profession or personality, the right shawl collar frames the face in a manner that complements the rest of the body — it broadens the shoulders, lengthens the torso and, by wonderful surprise, does so in a way that’s comfortable with very little effort.

Every year when the weather dips, the style inevitably falls into two camps: the pullover sweater, often done up in thick, textured wool, with usually some sort of stylish loop closure to differentiate it from the rest, or my favorite, and perhaps found on the more trendy side of the street: the chunky knit cardigan, which works so well as a layering piece, and adds a dashing sense of repose to any ’fit.

Below, a few of my favorites from the season. Pick one up and locate your nearest fireplace. 

Clockwise, from top left: Billy Reid Barnes Shawl ($195); Inverallan 6A Shawl Cardigan ($295); Howlin’ Shawl Collar Wool Cardigan ($335); RRL & Co. Wool-Blend Shawl Sweater ($495); Alex Mill Herringbone Shawl Collar Cardigan ($230); Jamiesons of Shetland Elbow Patch Shawl Collar Cardigan ($175); The Armoury 4-Ply Camel Hair Shawl Cardigan ($650)