Style | October 28, 2016 9:00 am

The World’s Coolest Leather Jacket Just Got an Extra Dose of Toughness

Good enough for Marlon Brando, good enough for us

We owe a lot to Schott. The brand, which began in a basement in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has become the de facto symbol of American cool. Marlon Brando wouldn’t have been the same in The Wild Ones if he wasn’t wearing a black Schott Perfecto jacket. Same goes for James Dean. The Ramones, Joan Jett; the list goes on.

Now the brand is joining forces with Sailor Jerry, the spiced rum that owes much to Norman Collins, the man known as Sailor Jerry and as the grandpap of modern tattoooing. You’ve seen his work. Ink doesn’t get more classic. Following up last year’s naval peacoat collaboration, 2016 sees the two icons partnering again, this time for a Perfecto jacket. The jacket features Collin’s flash sailor skull on the sleeve and in the custom lining.

The limited edition jackets come with a leather coaster featuring more of Collins’s work. Head on over to Schott NYC for more info.