Deal: Rhone Yoga Shorts Are 30% Off

Throw these on, then throw on "Yoga With Adriene"

Deal: Rhone Yoga Shorts Are 30% Off
By Tanner Garrity / April 6, 2020 10:43 am

As part of Rhone’s ongoing “surplus sale,” the activewear brand’s 7″ Guru Lined yoga shorts are now 30% off. It’s a clutch discount. Now is as good a time as any, maybe better, to pick up a home yoga practice, and we especially recommend YouTube yogi Adriene Mishler (of “Yoga With Adriene” fame) who offers high-quality yoga instruction, completely free.

Divert the money you would’ve spent on an app or personal instruction to a pair or two of Rhone’s yoga shorts, which do everything the meshy gym shorts in your closet cannot. Rhone spends a lot on fabric (four-times more, they seem quite proud of that fact), but it shows. Four-way stretch means your shorts won’t fight you when you’re settling into downward dog, and perforated fabric means there will actually be a little breathability down there.

For days you’re not feeling like pulling out the mat, they make a great pair of cross-training shorts, too. Find a couple colors on hand here.

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