Style | October 28, 2019 10:54 am

Deal: Save an Absurd $185 on Jackets From Pendleton

The blanket-makers know their way around a jacket, too

Pendleton Jackets

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Pendleton’s Pacific Northwest mills are some of the only wool mills still operating in America, and they’ve been churning out the brand’s famous, 100% virgin wool blankets since the 1800s. They now make a variety of other top-notch threads as well, including flannels, socks and jackets.

Nordstrom Rack is currently staging a massive sale on Pendleton’s felted, canvas and waterproof zip-ups, with certain styles up to 59% off. This sort of jacket would’ve served some hard-earned purpose 100 years ago, like working in the mines or tilling a field, but these days will just look good alongside jeans and a pair of boots. Find four of our favorites from the sale below.

Front Range Felted Zip Jacket

Virginia City Canvas Zip Utility Jacket

Depoe Bay Coated Hooded Raincoat

Redwood Jacket