Style | June 11, 2019 11:59 am

The Famous Patagonia Fleece Is $50 Off

Act fast, these will definitely not last

The Famous Patagonia Fleece Is $50 Off

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Patagonia’s Synchilla Snap-T pullover belongs in every single closet in America, if not the globe. I’ve had a turquoise one since 2013 that’s aging like Paul Rudd, and have relied on it over the years for a variety of uses.

It’s been my companion for hikes in Iceland, for sick days where I need some instant warmth, for flights (it makes a great makeshift pillow), for summer nights in Maine, for tailgating, and so much more. That blend of durability and versatility is exactly what Patagonia does best, and if you don’t have this fleece yet, we recommend picking one up, stat. Backcountry currently has a sale reducing it $50, and there are a surprising number of colors and sizes to choose from at the moment.

Expect 100% recycled fleece, a chest pocket, ribbed sleeves, and a vintage feel. The pullover, after all, dates back to Patagonia’s inception in 1985.