Style | January 4, 2017 9:00 am

The Secret to Winter Skincare? Bourbon.

“You smell like a distillery” is now a compliment

This winter, we’re here to rescue you.

No, not from bears.

From your own skin, drying out like a California riverbed as we speak.

Man has spent years figuring out how to salve the ol’ epidermis during the frosty months.

Thankfully, somebody’s (un)cracked the solution: Olivina Men, a brand new grooming company that utilizes unexpected, all-natural ingredients.

To wit: Their inspiration and methodology involves bourbon.

Utilizing the philosophy “Life is complicated … the stuff you put on your body shouldn’t be,” Olivina Men follows some tried-and-true practices: natural, organic ingredients and fragrances, recyclable packaging (that looks great in your bathroom), no testing on animals, competitive pricing, etc.

Where they differ: taking inspiration from craft cocktails, for starters. Their reasoning is that “a seasoned bartender creates a well-informed fusion of fresh and natural ingredients that results in a product that consistently exceeds expectations,” and therefore makes a perfect model for a grooming company. Having products with names (and fragrances) like Bourbon Cedar, Ginger Beer and Juniper Tonic certainly backs that ethos up.

The thing is, this stuff works: we tried out several products for two weeks, and our fragile lips and fingers dramatically improved. No cracks, bleeding or dry skin.

A few things we dug:

Organic Hand Rescue: Organic olive oil, hemp oil and cocoa butter heals your weathered hands, coupled with notes of cedar and bergamot. In about two days, we went from cracked skin to smooth as butter.

Flash Foam Shave Cream: Caffeine- and antioxidant-infused blend of yerba mate, organic hemp seed oil and bisabolol (it’s also bourbon cedar scented).

All-In-One Body Wash: For hair, face and body. A twinge of smoky vanilla with a rich lather.

Plus, exfoliating bar soap, ginger beer soy wax candles and a bourbon cedar cologne “inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries.”

They’re gonna drink you up this winter.