NYC’s Mystery Sneaker Store, Explained

The plethora of perks of living in New York City — celebrity sightings, almost 24-hour access to killer pizza, mystery vaults that dispense new kinds of Oreos — are well-established but also ever-changing. 

If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ll be excited about the newest addition to the list.

A mysterious, appointment-only shoe store called World of Niché is open for business in NYC, according to GQ.

The shoe shop only allows one customer in at a time and all who enter must swap their footwear for a borrowed pair of leather slippers.

Photography inside World of Niche is expressly prohibited, but word on the street is that the shop’s wares are literally brought out on a platter by a sales associate named Bennet.

And what exactly are the wares?

Three styles of limited edition footwear in three different colors each — a hi-top ($300), leather running shoe ($400) and hiking boot ($450) — produced in lines of 50 pairs apiece by World of Niché.

If you’re in NYC, head to 66 Bleecker Street to see them for yourself. Just make sure you book an appointment.

Main image via GQ